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March Madness Hafla

  • 25 Mar 2018
  • 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM
  • Napa Dance Club

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Dancers Appearing in this order:
2:30PM Sharp Begin Dancing

1.Lauren (6 mins)
2. Jillian (6 mins)
3.Sherry Brier Troupe (8 mins)
4.Sibylla (5 mins)
5. Shahina (6 mins)
6. Mirit (6 mins)
7.Arlene (6 mins)
8. Nitya (6 mins)
9. Ma Shuqa Mujan (6 mins)
10. Sudeep (5mins)

15min Break

10. Urban Flowers (7 mins)
11. Davina (6 mins)
12. Sidahlia (6 mins)
13. Raks Jawhara (8 mins)
14. Mara (6 mins)
15. Jahmra (6 mins)
16. Malia (6 mins)
17. Una (6 mins)

Info To Dancers
Dressing Room
Limited dressing room space includes two bathrooms and a small cloakroom. Come close to or already dressed.

Music Requirements
For music we can accommodate CDs, or playback devices as long as they are easy to work and are on the correct playlist. If phones are used please remember to put them in airplane mode with screen lock open. You can also email Sudeep your music if you wish, before March 18th. Email at sudeep@nuthouse.com

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Napa Dance Club is by the dancers and for the dancers. We do not operate for profit.

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